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About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my site. My name is Quamaine. I wanted to provide you all with a bit of background on myself and insight into who I am as a person, because who I am reflects in my pieces. I consider myself a very spiritual person. As an artist, I am able to capture my emotions such as stress, pain, fear, happiness, combined with most importantly my spirit, and spread them on a blank canvas. From an art perspective, I see myself as a self-taught Pop Abstract Artist- modern abstract being my primary focal point. I tend to paint the physical things that inspire and motivate me as a person. I like to think of my work as being an atmosphere; as something you can look at and immediately get lost in your thoughts of mystery. Then, eventually once you’ve spent adequate time with the piece, you know what that mystery is and only then are able to step away from the atmosphere that initially pulled you in. I originally got into acrylic painting on a first date with my girlfriend. Once the date was over, I knew right then and there, this was for me. I had found my calling. I’ve always been passionate about art and all the creativity behind it; I just never took the time to try it. I had always told myself that I couldn’t do it, without even actually trying it first. After my first three paintings, I really started seeing the progression in my work and knew it was meant for me to be a Visual Artist. I noticed that I had a natural talent for painting, ran with it, and haven’t looked back since. With that being said I started creating art for the people and for myself. On that note, I want to welcome you to ArtsByQuamaine. Enjoy!!!!


Peace & Love

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